About Jupy’s Surf Camp:

Discover beachfront surfing paradise at Jupy’s Surf Camp on Pulau Masokut, Mentawai Islands. Dive into unparalleled surfing adventures with the famed ‘Beng Beng’ waves right at your doorstep.

Location & Ambiance

Embrace ultimate beachfront accommodation on Pulau Masokut. Our chillout area, adorned with hammocks, offers breathtaking views of the renowned ‘Beng Beng’ surfing waves of the Mentawai Islands.

Surfing HEaven

Strategically positioned for surf enthusiasts, our camp boasts 7 prime Mentawai surf spots within walking distance. Plus, iconic waves like Kandui and Hideaways are just a swift boat journey away.

Unforgettable Experience

At Jupy’s Surf Camp, it’s not just about riding waves; it’s about creating memories against the backdrop of the vast Mentawai oceanic expanse.

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