We’ll answer our frequently asked questions on all topics from organizing your journey to the Mentawai islands, what to bring or when to go to, to our pricing and discounts below.

What do i have to expect?


Yes! Since 2020, we have usable cellphone (4G) signal on the island. It’s not blazing fast but usable.

Yes! Even though there is no power grid on Pulau Masokut, we have a generator running from sunset to around midnight, which should give you enough power to recharge your devices. To support nature and reduce noise, we plan on upgrading to a system to harness solar energy in the future.

Yes! We use an elevated water storage to have running water for showering etc. but there generally is no water supply. We import drinking water in gallons from Siberut Island, the next bigger island in the north.

No. There are no roads on Masokut Island, where we are located. The island in spanned by a network of small trails which can only be used by foot. This means no pollution and noise from motorized vehicles, which is acutally a good thing.

Beng Bengs: 0 minutes, since it’s in our frond yard.

Pitstop: 15 minutes.

Ebay: 15 minutes.

Bankvaults: 1 hour.

Nipussi: 1 hour.

No. As of now, this is not possible since our generator does not run 24h. We’re looking to upgrade our power supply system in the future to enable us to have electricity 24h. 

Questions about our rooms?


No. At the moment, our rooms do not feature AC yet. However, we have fans in all of our rooms to cool you down in case of hot tropical evenings. AC is a future project of ours.

Yes! All our rooms are equipped with fans to help you stay cool in case of a hot tropical evening.

Yes! All our beds are fully covered by mosquito nets to prevent mozzies from disturbing your sleep. On a sidenote, malaria is not an issue in the islands, however, technically does exist in whole sumatera. We do not know of any known cases in recent years.

1, 2, 4 or 6.
We offer double rooms with either a kingsize (only in beach bungalow) or two seperate beds, 4- and 6-bed rooms.

Yes. We always put separate groups in separate rooms, so noone will be in a room with someone they do not know. Groups can choose to either be in one room together or split up. If you’re a group and need to split up into two rooms, please contact us beforehand since we need to check availability.

What should i bring?


Definitely. The sun can be brutal in the mentawai islands and you don’t want to get burned in your first days here. So better pack some sunscreen and zinc and protect your skin.

Yes. Although there aren’t too many mosquitos around, replellent may spare you some bites in the evening, when the buggers get active.

Yes! Don’t worry, your boards can be repaired in the islands. However, this may take some days, so better have some resin, sandpaper and fiberglass on you for the small stuff to keep your surf craft afloat and ready.

This highly depends on what waves you want to surf and the number of boards you want to bring.

For our homebreak Beng Bengs, a shortboard, hybrid or fish will be working best.

If you want to be ready for everything, it makes sense to bring an allround shortboard and a stepup for the bigger stuff. A fish can be a fun addition, if you’re into that kind of boards.

Generally speaking, main season is seeing bigger swells than off season, while there’s still lots of swell to be surfed.

Just make sure you have a second board in case one breaks as replacement might be hard to find in the islands and noone wants to be forced to stay on the beach while surf’s pumping because of a broken board.

Picking attire for the mentawai islands is pretty simple. It’s warm, so you’ll find yourself mostly wearing boardshorts/bikinis a lot, so bring a couple of those. Also throw in some tshirts.

Bringing a light long sleeved shirt and light long legged pants can be useful in the evenings to avoid mosquito bites.

If you’re into exploring reefs, definitely bring, goggles, snorkel and fins! There’s plenty to see!

Airplanes, Cars, ferries, boats.


All ferries to the mentawai islands operate from the city of Padang. Padang Airport (Minangkabau, PDG) is located an hour south of the city center, where the fast ferry is based. A possible route would be flying into Indonesia via Jakarta and continue to Padang to get to the Mentawai islands.

The fast ferry to Siberut operates on Tue, Thu and Sat, both directions. It leaves the mainland at 7AM and arrives back in Padang at around 7PM, depending on weather conditions. Check out the schedule of Metawai Fast on their website!

Absolutely. We highly recommend making sure you have a valid travel insurance before starting your journey. Incase of injury, hospital and evacuation costs can be super high, so do yourself this favor and get yourself a travel insurance. They are not expensive, 20-30USD per year should get you something decent. Just google travel insurance and your country to find offers. Make sure the policy covers the lenght of your entire stay.

How much is staying at jupys?

Pricing & Discounts.

  • Budget: 55USD

    Our daily rate for travellers on a budget.

  • Basic: 70USD

    Our basic daily rate.

  • All-Inclusive: 110USD

    Our all inclusive daily rate.

  • All-Inclusive (Group Discount): 100USD

    Our group discounted all inclusive rate.

Yes. We offer discounted rates for stays of 16 days and longer. For special group offers, please contact us!

Free! If you wish so, we’re happy to pick you up at the harbor in siberut and transfer you to the camp in a smaller boat. The ride takes us though mangrove rivers and the open sea and takes about 2 hours.

Yes, the Government Surf Tax. The indonesian government collects a surf tax of 1 million IDR (approx. 70USD) from every surfer entering the Mentawai Islands. This fee is meant to go towards local communities and help with waste management.

Yes. We ask for a down payment of 10% to secure your reservation.

We offer payment via Wise and Paypal. Don’t hesitate to reach out in case you have any questions!

Any unsolved questions?