The Camp. Surf and Relax.

Being located a little off all the other camps, Jupy’s Camp is still mostly surrounded by the jungle and long Mentawai beaches. be the first out and last in every day if dawn patrol is your thing. 

Pulau masokut

Our Place.

Located on Pulau Masokut, also known as Pulau Nyang Nyang in the Mentawai Islands, Jupy’s Surf Camp is the perfect base for your next surf trip.

Being accommodated close to the beach directly in front of one of the most consistent surf spots, called ‘Beng Beng’, our guests are able to check the surf from their doorstep or overlook the break while hanging out in on of the hammocks in our chillout area.

With 7 waves accessible by foot and countless others a short boat ride away (Kandui, Hideaways, Four Bobs, just to name a few), every surfer will get his money worth at Jupy’s Surf Camp.

"You literally get out of bed, grab a board and start paddling out to worldclass break Beng Bengs."

What will i be served?

Food & Drink

Our guests are served warm, freshly cooked food three times a day, so you can fully focus on riding waves, since that’s the main reason you came to the Mentawai Islands, in the first place. 

We focus on Indonesian cuisine and freshly caught fish, but also serve international dishes and specialties originating from the local Mentawai tribes. And in case our staff makes a good catch, which does happen from time to time, it’s barbecue time. If fish and chicken isn’t your thing, we’re happy to prepare vegetarian dishes for you.

We offer fresh, seasonal fruit (often family grown in Mentawai), snacks all day, just in case a sudden strike of hunger sets in between the main dishes, you know, just in case. Free drinking water supply all day/night, with hot water prepared to have a coffee or tea.

Did I mention coconuts? We certainly won’t run out of those around here.

All this is included in our price.

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