The Waves.

There’s lots of good surf around in the Mentawai Islands.

The Waves in the Mentawai Islands

Surfing Mentawai

With pristine nature, warm water and world class quality waves, the Mentawai Islands, also known as the ‘Ments’ are no stranger to most surfers. This is no surprise as the indonesian island chain is home to over 40 waves for every surfer from intermediate to expert skill level. Favorable winds during main season make sure consistency is superb, but even in the offseason, consistent quality surf can be enjoyed without the crowds.

But it hasn’t always been that way. The Mentawai Islands were first explored for surf in the 1980s. A lot has changed ever since, but the waves just keep hitting the mentawaian reefs, creating the mechanical perfection 

The Mentawai Archipelago

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Structure of the Mentawai Archipelago

Where is what?

From a surfing perspective, the Mentawai Island chain can be divided into three main areas:

This is where we are located. playgrounds is just south of Siberut, the biggest island in the mentawaian island chain. Playgrounds spans multiple small islands including our home island Masokut. It is home to famous breaks like Kandui, Rifles, Hideaways but also more playful options like Beng Bengs (which is in our front yard, by the way) and Pitstops.

Sipura (or Sipora), is the middle island can be divided in two main areas: Northern Sipura (Home to surf spot Telescopes) and southern Sipura, which also has lots to offer with waves like Lances Left, Lances Right (some call it Hollowtrees) and Bintangs.

Pagai is located in the south of the Mentawai archipelago and offers world class waves among which are the famous surf spots Macaronis and Greenbush.

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Masokut (Jupy's)

Beng Bengs (Rippable left, 0min by foot),
Pitstop (Rippable right, 15min by foot),
Ebay (Barreling left, 15min by foot),
Bankvaults (Heavy right, 1h by foot),
Nipussi (Playful right, 1h by foot)


Barreling left, 45min boat ride


Righthander for small swells


(1h 15min boat ride)
Kandui (Barreling left),
Rifles (Barreling right),
Pistols (Righthander),
4-Bobs (Playful right)
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