The Camp

A place to chill out and surf lots.

Located on Pulau Masokut, also known as Pulau Nyang Nyang in the Mentawai Islands, Jupys Surf Camp is the perfect base for your next surf trip. 

Being accommodated close to the beach directly in front of one of the most consistent surf spots, called ‘Beng Beng’, our guests are able to check the surf from their doorstep or overlook the break while hanging out in our chillout area.

With four waves accessible by foot and countless others a short boat ride away (Kandui, Hideaways, Four Bobs, just to name a few), every surfer will get his money worth. 

Our guests are served warm, freshly cooked food three times a day, so can fully focus on riding waves, since thats the main reason you came to the Mentawai Islands, in the first place.

We offer fresh, seasonal fruit (often family grown), snacks all day, just in case a sudden strike of hunger sets in between the main dishes, you know, just in case.

Free drinking water supply all day/night, with hot water prepared to have a coffee or tea.

Did I mention the endless supply of coconuts? We certainly wont run out of those around here.

Good Waves

This is the view you have when living in the Main House. What you see is a break called ‘Beng Bengs’, which is one of the most consistent and user friendly waves in the islands, and, that’s the best part: located in our front yard. 


Hideaways, Kandui, Four Bobs...

… and quite a lot of other waves are are just a short boat ride away. Our boat fits up to 5 people + captain and can be hired for one session or the whole day. Again, we will take care of food logistics in case you plan not to be back by lunch or want to take breakfast with you in the early morning. You just focus on what you’re here for, which is riding waves. If you plan on doing a boat trip with more than 5 people, just get in touch and we’ll organize something to fit your needs.

tropical life

Enjoy the tropical life every day, far away from the stress every day life got in store. We do neither have any cellphone connection nor do we offer WiFi access. However, for the urgent things in life lie the forecast or telling everyone you’re ok, internet access can be obtained nearby for a little fee.

We and our guests tend to enjoy being off the grid and getting some off-screen time though.


The beach bungalow

Our Beach Bungalow is located 5 meters from the beach, overlooking ‘Beng Bengs’. It’s a cosy choice for those wanting to be a little more on their own. Being a double room, it is best suited for couples exploring the islands.

The Main House

Offering double, 4er and 6er rooms, the Main House is a basic accommodation for anyone from solo travelers to bigger groups. Surf check can be done on the doorstep of every room

There's lots of things to do

Just in case you’re surfed out for the day, there’s a long beach to explore, a jungle to hike and a wooden canoe to explore the surroundings, local style. If you’re into fishing, bring your rod or spear gun and have a go! We try to have one speargun ready to use for our guests. Our employees will be happy to introduce you to their fishing techniques if you’re interested. Just ask around!

How to get here

Getting to the Mentawai Islands can me a difficult task. But not if you’re provided with all data you need from ferry schedule to pickup and drop off as well as accommodation in Padang if needed. Just get in touch and we will sort out the best way to get you here.